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what is rhetoric - he invitingly called out to me to come...

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Will Boas What is Rhetoric? 8/25/10 On the surface, rhetoric is simple. Wikipedia defines rhetoric as “the art of using language to communicate effectively.” In plain mans terms, rhetoric is talking; however, rhetoric is so much deeper than that. I think of rhetoric as a connection of ones' senses. The use of effective rhetoric is an extremely powerful and effective way to persuade, enlighten and uplift others. Rhetoric is ubiquitous in our lives, yet we don't often realize it. Rhetoric is found in speeches, commercials, and essays. The effect rhetoric has on my life comes naturally. For example, my trip to the Oxford Street Fair this past weekend was filled with many uses of rhetoric. As I walked down High Street, I was inundated with vendors, promoters, and recruiters. They all had the same goal in mind, to get my attention, yet one stood out in particular. As I walked by his small stand,
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Unformatted text preview: he invitingly called out to me to come here what he had to say. Once I arrived, he confidently explained his cause, articulating his syllables, using proper grammar and professional sounding words. He put emotion and character into his words, including some humor. He connected to me in a way that I needed to fill out his survey. This connection came because of his effective use of rhetoric. This same use of rhetoric can be used in an English class. The use of rhetoric in an English class has the same connection as the Oxford Street Fair. A writer can use the same techniques as a speaker, putting emotion and character into writing. Writing is just as much communicating as talking. A writer is at their best when their words are powerful, correct, and meaningful. This use of rhetoric produces truly outstanding literature, and hopefully high marks. This is how I view rhetoric....
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