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writers memo public discourse - William Boas ENG 111:...

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William Boas ENG 111: Writer’s Memo 11/22/2010 To me, the blog and this paper seem like very different entities, but they are indeed intertwined with each other. The topic of the paper stemmed directly from the blog, and many ideas and a few quotes came from it as well. My blog and this essay felt like family members, slightly different in style and appearance, but the subject matter was very similar. I do not believe that one could have occurred without the other. The rhetoric and overall composition of the two works had their differences, but also had their underlying ties. The blog was a free flowing text box that I could literally write about anything in at any time. The blog was a collection of short small topics that occurred daily throughout the week, or just whatever was on my mind at the time that was National Football League related. The blog was so informal that I could write with any sentence structure I wanted, included some spelling and grammar errors along the way. The posts were not very thought out, just whatever came through my mind as I was writing. In the
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writers memo public discourse - William Boas ENG 111:...

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