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baseball short story - Boas 1 Will Boas ENG 112 Inquiry III...

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Boas 1 Will Boas ENG 112: Inquiry III Ms. Ponto 18 January 2011 Robot Baseball It’s the bottom of the ninth inning. Two outs, man on second, down by one. My own creation, the prodigy, CR345, steps up to the plate. This is the big moment I’ve been waiting for. I have been in the robotics business for years. I don’t know too much about how they work, but man I can persuade you to buy one. However this is a business market without a lot of potential. The days of having people waiting in lines spanning out the door and down the street to get into my store are long gone. Why? Everyone has a robot in this day and age. Plus, with the ever improving technology, one robot of today can do the work of several older models. My product is passing through the maturity stage of the product life-cycle and beginning the decline stage. I learned about that in one of my business robotics classes. My profit margins are continuing to decline, and I am losing interest as a whole. I need to do something. I have been obsessed with baseball ever since I was a kid, but it is certainly not what it used to be. The MLB, Major League Baseball, went bankrupt fifty years ago. The game was simply too old school, too out of touch. It was much too difficult to get customers to watch. Profit margins went down the drain. No one wants to see humans giving all the effort they have to hit the ball and run around the bases. It was boring. This is 2088. We live in a new age now, a new world. Baseball really is America’s past time now. The all-powerful United States of America does not exist anymore. In fact, countries in general don’t exist. The world is run by international puppet governments controlled by the Mafia. Let’s not kid ourselves here, the
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Boas 2 Mafia is in charge. I read about America in my history textbook in intermediate school. It sounds like such a primitive place. How did they survive without all the technology we have now? Robots are such an integral part of society. Our lives practically revolve around the things. Well, mine does anyway. There are robots in every facet of life. It’s crazy. I always wanted to be a major league baseball player. Of course, that never panned out, but there still could be hope. Robots, like everything else, have taken over baseball. Humans don’t actually play the game anymore. Instead, we build robots and they play the game for us. The robot players run faster, throw the ball harder and hit it further. It is way more exciting to watch the robots play rather than the humans. Anyone can build a robot player if they want to. Typically only the best robotics engineers are capable of building a major league caliber robot player. I took a few introductory robotics engineering classes in college, how hard could it be? After a couple weeks that felt like eternity coupled with many sleepless nights, I finally
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baseball short story - Boas 1 Will Boas ENG 112 Inquiry III...

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