goals for college, eng 112, and as a writer

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Unformatted text preview: Will Boas ENG 112 18 January 2011 Goals for College, ENG 112, and as a Writer As a college student here at Miami University, there is a long list of goals that I want to accomplish before I venture out into the real world. First and foremost, I want to receive a quality education that will help me secure a job and prepare me for anything that may be thrown my way for the rest of my life. I want to strengthen my time management and problem solving skills, uphold greater responsibilities, obtain more successful social skills, and hold myself to a higher standard of achievement. I have always believed in giving one-hundred percent effort on anything I do in life. I don’t see the purpose to doing something any other way. This applies to ENG 112. I want to do my very best in all of my classes, and ENG 112 is no exception. I always set fairly lofty, sometimes unattainable goals for myself. I do this to ensure that I give my full effort because even if I do not achieve my goal, I will know...
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