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inquiry 1 writers memo - my best and worked hard. I found...

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701 South Oak Street, Room 227 Oxford, OH 45046 January 25, 2011 Ms. Jessica Ponto, Professor Miami University 356 Bachelor Hall Oxford, OH 45046 Dear Professor Ponto: I think that my final draft is vastly improved compared to my first draft. I have a more concise thesis and subsequent argument. I really tried to focus on analyzing what Bradbury was trying to say through the story instead of my own opinions. Our short conference really helped my address the deficiencies and weaknesses in my paper, and I did the best I could to improve upon those. I really wanted to start off strong this semester with a solid first paper. My goal for this assignment was to achieve an A, and I think I have put in the time and the effort necessary to do so. The content of my writing will be the determining factor, but I can definitely say that I tried
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Unformatted text preview: my best and worked hard. I found it to be slightly difficult to first think of a topic, and secondly to stay focused on that topic. I think part of the problem was that my analysis had to strictly be one particular passage. I felt restrained on the analysis I could conduct on just one passage. I felt that if I had the opportunity to utilize the entire story, my argument would be stronger and more coherent. I found numerous examples in the text where the main idea in my thesis directly correlated with the text, but I could not use those examples because they were not in the passage I was analyzing. My question would be what is the advantage/purpose of analyzing only one particular passage opposed to the entire short story? Sincerely, William Boas William Boas...
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