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701 South Oak Street, Room 227 Oxford, OH 45046 February 28, 2011 Ms. Jessica Ponto, Professor Miami University 356 Bachelor Hall Oxford, OH 45046 Dear Professor Ponto: This was one of the hardest papers I have ever written. I think that my final draft is on another planet when compared to my first draft. My idea is down solid and I think I really supported it well with evidence. I really tried to focus on improving on what I struggled with in Inquiry I, analyzing what the author is saying rather than making hasty generalizations about society. I do not know where I would be without the conference we had. It really helped me establish an idea and I went from there. I really wanted my success on Inquiry I to translate over to Inquiry II. My goal for this assignment was to achieve an A as always, and I think I have put in the time and the effort necessary to do so. I have worked countless hours throughout this weekend to complete this paper. I did not do much else. The content of my writing will be the determining factor, but I
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