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inquiry 3 memo - daunting in the end I always seem to find...

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701 South Oak Street, Room 227 Oxford, OH 45046 April 18, 2011 Ms. Jessica Ponto, Professor Miami University 356 Bachelor Hall Oxford, OH 45046 Dear Professor Ponto: I am very proud of the creative inquiry project I completed. I wrote a solid seven page short story that I think has a lot of good literary elements. I believe that I fulfilled the expectations of the project more than adequately. Something I was especially proud of was coming up with a very solid topic to write about on my own. This is something that I have struggled with in the past. I am very happy that I was able to think of a creative topic that I was excited about. This allowed me to really engage in on what I was writing and produce high quality work. I always like it when I am able to choose my topic. While sometimes this may seem
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Unformatted text preview: daunting, in the end I always seem to find a topic that I can easily relate and is interesting to me, yet also fulfills the requirements for the assignment. That is the best case scenario for me. Whenever I can write about a topic that I am interested in, it really improves my quality of work because I really get excited about the literature that I am writing. Something I could improve upon is making a clearer argument or claim in the story. I feel as if that may not be strong enough over the course of the story. It may be difficult to pick up on what exactly I am trying to argue through the short story. I found it difficult to express my points of view in the form of a short story rather than an essay. Sincerely, William Boas William Boas...
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