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Boas 1 Will Boas Professor Ponto ENG 112: Inquiry II 28 February 2011 The Internet and All of Its Uses Imagine coming home after school and not having the capability of signing onto Facebook or surfing the internet in search of a new coat. Society would not function nearly as effectively as it does today without the great expansions the internet has made since its inception in the 1990s. The internet is the common ground between nearly all facets of life in this day and age. An unlimited amount of tasks can be accomplished with the use of the internet. Many uses of the internet include communication, shopping, gaming and the flow of information. Neal Stephenson incorporated his views of future uses of the internet in his novel Snow Crash . He did this by introducing a three dimensional lifelike gaming universe called the Metaverse. The Metaverse is constructed so that users embody a virtual human called an avatar. In this alternative universe, users live a second life as an avatar. The Metaverse is so intricate that users live in houses, work a job, go on dates and can even swordfight. In the novel Snow Crash , Neal Stephenson foresees the many uses of the internet through the ubiquitous presence of the Metaverse in the story as he juxtaposes its uses for business and social purposes. Stephenson lays the groundwork for the idea of online business practices in chapter eight as he describes how the Black Sun took off. The Black Sun is a restrictive club that only upper class elites inside the Metaverse can join. This is where businessmen from the Nipponese Quadrant come to do business with people all over the world. They consider doing business virtually through the Metaverse rather than face to face as “just as good” (Stephenson 64).
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Boas 2 Doing business through the Metaverse is quicker and easier than in reality. The entire transaction is streamlined. Stephenson goes on to describe how the Nipponese do business in the Metaverse. They do not pay much attention to dialogue because it is often “lost in translation” because of the different languages spoken between the buyer and seller. Instead the Nipponese focus on the body language and facial expressions of their clients to get a feeling of what they are thinking (Stephenson 64). Stephenson is conveying how the use of the internet would make it easier to do business because a face to face conversation would not be necessary. The businessmen can look at a client’s facial expression they are giving in real life which is then then transferred to the Metaverse. This new way of doing business that Stephenson envisions would
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Inquiry II - Boas 1 Will Boas Professor Ponto ENG 112:...

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