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Will Boas ENG 112: Writer’s Journal 1/24/2011 Whenever I compose a piece of literature, I can immediately tell the quality of my work. I’m not quite sure how the draft of my paper I just wrote stacks up with others I have written in the past. It’s not as if I didn’t put a lot of time and effort into it. It is because I felt confused and uncertain while writing. This scenario has happened before, and it typically doesn’t pan out too well for me. It was hard for me to find something plausible to write about and then fill enough content. I may have stretched things too far thin. Judging by the comments my professor just made about the drafts that she has already read, I’m going to assume that I have not analyzed nearly as deep as I should be. However, I feel like such a task is so difficult for me because one of my greatest weaknesses is reading comprehension, especially
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Unformatted text preview: rhetorically, finding an authors greater message in a small piece of text. This is something I have struggled with as long as I have attended school. Hopefully my peer review partner will be able to conjure up some deeper ideas for me to elaborate on further, however Im not getting my hopes up. I am curious to see what my partner has to say about it. Typically (in ENG 111), people who looked at my drafts were dazzled and impressed, and didnt offer much advice. I hope I can get some feedback on to how to improve my essay because I know that it needs some work. I think I made a fairly good cultural argument, and I examined the tone the author/speaker had in the passage I analyzed. Thats about it though....
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