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Will Boas Writer’s Journal 2/7/2011 Something that is kind of intriguing to me is how the relationship of Hiro and Juanita is going to affect the story going forward. I think it is ironic that Juanita has a low level black and white avatar, but she was the one who created in-depth facial details. In regards to the selected quote, a few things stood out to me. The Defense Department is referred to as “baby-killers.” This fast-forward to the future could be a clue of how the world is going to be. Everyone may hate the entire government. It could be very chaotic.
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Unformatted text preview: The final section that is in bold is something that I strongly believe in. Humans are amazing in the sense of all of the physical and mental capabilities we possess. However, people have different learning styles and take in and retain information differently. Each person has to figure out that best way to gain knowledge. Many are visual learners, oral learners, or hands on learners. I am a hands on learner. I learn something by doing it. Information systems are way more complex and advanced in this book, but I think the same applies....
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