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writer's journal 2-23

writer's journal 2-23 - They began with cavemen groaning...

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Will Boas Writer’s Journal 2/23/2011 “Hence, the study of the evolution of language is the study of the evolution of the human mind itself.” This quote stuck out to me because language is the main way that communication is done and information is shared. There are many different types of languages: cultural languages, computer language, business language etc. The way a language is used reflects on the culture that one lives in. Communication is vital to a healthy and prosperous society. Without communication, there would be no civilization. Languages have evolved over the course of time.
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Unformatted text preview: They began with cavemen groaning and grunting at each other. They have matured to what we have today. As history passes on, technological advancements are made; scientific discoveries are made and so forth. Language has changed over the years to become more mainstream friendly. For example, centuries ago, upper class elite and clergymen would speak Latin, while the common peasant could not. Society at that time was nowhere near what it is today. The context of this quote strengthens my ideas in that language is the driving medium of thought....
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