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Will Boas Writer’s Journal 2/28/2011 Free Write! I feel like I just discarded a huge burden off my shoulders when I turned in my paper. That was one of the hardest papers I have ever written. It brought a lot of stress but coupled with hard work and perseverance. I feel so relieved. From the sounds of it, this class is about to hit the home stretch pretty soon. The worst is over. Thank the lord. Now I can relax and not have to worry about a thing… just kidding. I have some big time studying for my stats test on Wednesday. I feel like I can get the material down solid if I just put in the time and the effort. I really need a good bounce back performance on this test after the last little debacle. I know I can do it if I just sit down and do it. No distractions. First I’m going to need some sleep because let’s face it, I’m tired. I could barely stay awake in Business 101 today. That class is pretty easy but man is it boring. Dear lord. Whenever I’m up late at night and I can’t fall
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