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Will Boas Writer’s Journal 3/16/2011 This passage is interesting in that it describes the current state of the Metaverse. It is conveying how the role and function of the Metaverse has on the lives of characters in the book. I really liked the analogy made comparing the security of the Metaverse to homeland security in airports and schools. This analogy allowed me to easily relate how easy it is to cause commotion in the Metaverse. The fact that there are no police officers or no one with the task of protecting the members in the Metaverse explains why it is so easy to do this. I thought it was interesting how the only way change would occur was through a “fundamental rebuilding of the Metaverse carried out on a planet wide, corporate level.”
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Unformatted text preview: How this would be accomplished is something I cannot answer. I think it is also important to emphasize how the world is still run by the corporations, not the government. The final paragraph of the passage immediately makes me think of Hiro and what role he could play in the rest of the book. He fits the exact description of who is needed to help make changes: an individual hacker who knows their way around the place. He created the place himself, so I would imagine that he would know his way around. This could be foreshadowing the role Hiro plays in the rest of the book. I believe he is going to perform some heroic tasks to save the Metaverse from the dangers that it currently has....
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