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Will Boas Writer’s Journal 3/30/2011 The scene portrayed by the “Operation Nukorea” Adobe Flash text animation was very gruesomely detailed. The animation is explaining the beginning of the Korean War and how the United States got involved after North Korean brutally assaulted the South. The size of the text is interesting in that it emphasizes key words by making the larger in font size and making them bold. The music goes hand in hand in helping paint a better picture of what happened and emphasizes key points. The animation is fairly long, and not having any way to control the time or know how much is left is kind of
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Unformatted text preview: frustrating. There were some parts that I found confusing and unclear, but I wasn’t able to comprehend all of what it was trying to say. I would have had to watch the entire thing again. The animation depicts the fear of countries in hostile areas of the world, whereas living in the United States is safe and without danger from attack. These Adobe Flash text-based animations relate to our course themes in that the technology used and distribution of information....
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