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writer's journal 4-11

writer's journal 4-11 - Nevertheless I have a strong topic...

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Will Boas Writer’s Journal 4/11/2011 My creative project is still a work in progress. It is in its beginning stages at this point. I found myself extremely busy this week and I was unable to allot the proper amount of time needed to succeed. Something I did well was coming up with a topic. I was able to develop a solid short story idea about something I am interested in that also relates to the course theme. Thinking of a topic to write about has been my biggest obstacle thus far during the semester. I am happy that I was able to come up with a solid idea rather easily. I originally was going to tackle a flash animation project, but long countless hours at King Library did not bare any fruit. Unfortunately I think it was too big of a bite to break off.
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Unformatted text preview: Nevertheless, I have a strong topic idea to go off of. I plan to write about the evolution of baseball in the future. Programmers would design player’s attributes and appearance and try and make them successful. The main character will figure out a way to enhance the player to make it better than all the others. Kind like taking performance enhancing drugs today, except in the future. The topic relates to the course theme as it plays off the idea of Snow Crash and how everything is run by computer. The futuristic game is technologically advanced from what it is today. I’m not entirely sure how everything is going to pan out, but I definitely have a solid start....
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