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central asia questions - William Boas Central Asia...

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William Boas Central Asia Questions 1. All powerful and prosperous nations have access to shoreline or a large body of water. Without it, a nation is at a huge disadvantage opposed to a nation with it. A nation without access to maritime trade routes, a country must be almost entirely self-sufficient. Central Asia doesn’t nearly have enough resources or fertile soil to accomplish that. Therefore, they must import foreign goods from overseas. Because they don’t have these trade routes readily available, they don’t have access to these foreign goods. As a result, their economies will suffer, as will standard of living and technological advances. Central Asia will not be able to advance with the rest of the world because it doesn’t have the money or the manpower. To me, the future does not look bright for Central Asia. 4. There is no doubt that geopolitical connections are the best and most prosperous way to become relevant in the world’s politics. Central Asia is weak in several important categories. One very
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central asia questions - William Boas Central Asia...

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