dimming the sun

dimming the sun - in the form of photons evaporate the...

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Student Name: P ROFESSOR Y. D ILEK FALL 2010 Homework #10 Due: 16 November 2010 DIMMING THE SUN W HAT DOES THIS CLIMATE CONUNDRUM MEAN FOR THE FUTURE OF THE EARTH ? Having watched this documentary film, answer the following questions in the space provided. Please write neatly and in complete sentences. 1. Why does global dimming occur only during the daylight hours, while global warming occurs both during day and night? 2. How is global dimming causing scientists to re-evaluate current climate models? Scientists noticed that the rate of pan evaporation is decreasing, but the global temperatures were increasing. Temperature is not the major factor in determining global dimming, the actual sunlight
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Unformatted text preview: in the form of photons evaporate the water. This caused scientists to re-evaluate their current climate models because global warming and global dimming are occurring at the same time. 3. Based on evidence presented in the program, what is your confidence level concerning current and future models of global dimming and global warming? Justify your reasoning. 1 Student Name: 4. What can be done to reduce global dimming? Should these steps be taken without also addressing global warming? Why or why not? 5. If what is depicted in the program is true, what steps would you be willing to take to reduce global dimming? Global warming? 2...
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dimming the sun - in the form of photons evaporate the...

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