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hw 10 - Will Boas HW 10 1 Clouds intercept both heat from...

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Unformatted text preview: Will Boas HW 10 1. Clouds intercept both heat from the sun and heat radiated from the Earth. Usually during the daytime the interception of sunlight occurs which reflects it away, giving a cooling effect. However, at night the re-radiation of heat to the Earth slows the Earth's heat loss. Global warming occurs during day and night because pollution is constantly destroying the ozone, the sun is not necessarily required. 2. Scientists noticed that the rate of pan evaporation is decreasing, but the global temperatures were increasing. Temperature is not the major factor in determining global dimming, the actual sunlight in the form of photons evaporate the water. This caused scientists to re-evaluate their current climate models because global warming and global dimming are occurring at the same time. 3. Based on what I took from the film, I believe the models for our current global climate are accurate, and they will only become more accurate as more research is done and more sophisticated...
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