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midterm reflection - Boas 1 William Boas Professor Dilek...

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Boas 1 William Boas Professor Dilek Geology and Geopolitics of the Silk Road 21 October 2010 Midterm Reflection Essay As I sat at Freshman Orientation perusing the science courses available for me to take, Geo F108, Geology and Geopolitics of the Silk Road, really stood out to me above the rest. Since grade school I knew that science was not my strongest subject, nor was it very interesting to me. I fully expected to enroll into some boring lecture class that I would grudgingly labor through all semester, so when I spotted the course among the rest I knew it was for me. World politics has always been an interest of mine. When I was younger, I did not aspire to be an astronaut or a firefighter. Instead, I wanted to be an Ambassador to the United Nations. Since then my career aspirations have slightly changed, but international affairs have always been a point of interest to me. I knew that applying a subject that I truly enjoyed in the form of international politics would help cancel out the displeasure I have for traditional science classes. This was something I simply could not pass up. I came into this class with an above average knowledge of foreign affairs. While it was not extensive by any means, I think I knew more than the average person my age would know. The same goes for environmental issues we currently face. I was aware that they existed, but I did not know many details surrounding them or how they would affect me. I intended to use this knowledge as a base to leadl me to a greater and more in-depth understanding of how different countries function and interact with each other in regards to geopolitical conflict. What I have found most interesting thus far in the course are the different points of view and geopolitical strategies that various countries employ to combat the current geopolitical problems our world faces. Through my research and knowledge gained from the first half of this course, it is my belief that while the superpowers of the world, the United States, China, and Russia, are very different as to how they go they go about their business, these countries must settle
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Boas 2 their differences and come together to guide the rest of the world to a solution of the geopolitical conflicts
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midterm reflection - Boas 1 William Boas Professor Dilek...

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