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GLG-108: Geology & Geopolitics: The Silk Road Will Boas Prof. Y. Dilek Fall 2010 NOVA Video –“The Day the Earth Shook” 1. Compare the dates, strength and death toll of the two earthquakes in Los Angeles (Northridge) and Kobe. The Los Angeles earthquake occurred January 17 th . The strength was 6.7. 57 people died. The Kobe earthquake occurred in 1999. It’s strength was a 6.9, and over 5,400 people died. 2. Why was the death toll so dramatically different? Kobe became a blazing inferno that was caused by fallen power lines. Rescue workers were unable to get to the earthquake zone right away because they were unaware that the earthquake occurred. Many older homes in Kobe were made with heavy tiles on the roof collapsed because the structures, made of made and straw, could not support them. The timing of the earthquake in Kobe 3. What are the names of the plates that make up Japan? How are these plates moving? The Philippine Sea plate, Pacific plate, Eurasian plate, and North American plate. These plates are converging together. 4. What is unique about the plate tectonic situation of northern Japan ? Northern Japan is situated on the boundaries of multiples tectonic plates.
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thedaytheearthshook - GLG-108 Geology Geopolitics The Silk...

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