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Will Boas Thirsty Dragon Questions 8/25 1. By expanding their geopolitical influence on the global energy game, China and Russia are thwarting the United States' efforts to promote its own foreign policy agenda. These countries are making agreements and taking favors from rogue nations, and at the same time expanding forcefully while ignoring human rights abuses. In essence, they aren't playing by the rules. The United States is having a difficult time counteracting these actions because they don't want to put it's already tarnished image in the region in even more jeopardy. The U.S. Must be very careful to not upset any nations that it must keep friendly with for other diplomatic matters. The U.S. also must adhere to sanctions placed on natural resource filled countries such as Iran. Being on the other side of the world also makes it increasingly difficult to hold influence in matters. 2. China is now the second largest consumer of oil in the world behind the United States, but this number is steadily growing. Before long, China will overtake the United States and become the
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