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reflection page blog REVISED

reflection page blog REVISED - my blog I wouldn’t be...

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William Boas Reflection Page: Blog 12/14/2010 The major project that I decided not to revise was the blog. I chose not to edit my blog because frankly I didn’t know what I would change to it. The blog was the project I received the highest grade on, so naturally the least amount of revisable content was found in it. In the other two major projects, the rhetorical analysis and the public argument, there were specific details and ideas that I could address which would improve the overall quality of the work. I simply could not find that in the blog. I found it in my best interest to address the errors I made in the other projects. In doing so, I’m doing the best I can to improve as a writer. If I tried to revise
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Unformatted text preview: my blog, I wouldn’t be learning anything and I wouldn’t be improving as a writer. It almost would have been a waste of time. I think that your comments on my blog evaluation mirror what I have said in this reflection. I admit, my final few posts did get a little lazy. They mainly were just blocks of text with a few links scattered among them. I think if I were to revise my blog that is probably what I would look to change first. I would perhaps try and present that a little more creatively and in a more aesthetically pleasing way. I know that those posts contain some of my best ideas, many of which are contained in my public argument paper, they could have simply been presented a little bit better....
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