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Unformatted text preview: 1. Bonnie payable {maturing January 1, 2fl31} $1.00Dflflfl Unarnortized premium on bonds payable 35.3flfl Total bond liability $1.oa5.aao 2. Honda payable—panopa [face yelue Manama maturing January 1. 2031] $ 142,D50‘ Honda payable—intereet leerniannual payment 555.1300] 943.1'50“ Total bond liability $1335.30!) 3. Bonnie payable—principal [maturing January 1. 2-331} $1.DDD.DEIG Honda payaHe—intereet {$55,000 per period tor 4i] periods} 2.2DDDOU Total bond liability $3.eoa.aao “111a p'eeent value of $1.flflfl,flDfl due at the end of 40 {Ia-month] periods at the yield rate of 5% per period. 51116 preaent 1ll:i:ili.|a oi$55.flflfi per period for 411 [fi-n‘ronlh] periodeat the yield rate 1315“ per period. ...
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