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Rocks and Minerals - o Yosemite National Park o They are...

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Any rock can become any other type of rock If metamorphic or sedimentary rocks melt you get an igneous rock Most oil and gas is found in sedimentary rocks Aphanitic- small crystals Phaneritic- large crystals Feldspar is a silicate found in granite Granite almost always has quartz and feldspar Basalt is mostly olivine and perosine with some feldspar Low viscosity magmas usually have a lot of olivine and perosine Rhyolite is the type of rock you might find at an intrusive volcano o Like Mt. St. Helens or Mt. Etna Sierra Nevada Mountains are all granite
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Unformatted text preview: o Yosemite National Park o They are huge plutons • The best place to look at sedimentary rocks is the grand canyon • Silica makes the quartz in an igneous rock • Hokie stone was born at the bottom of the ocean • Gypsum is used in plaster of paris • Limestones typically form in warm, tropical climates • The Hokie Stone formed when we were close to the equator • Oxides have pink pigments • Tectonic Stress- what happens when the plates collide or pull apart (typically when they collide) •...
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