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MAN 6245-class notes 9-26-2011

MAN 6245-class notes 9-26-2011 - will never contribute...

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MAN 6245 Notes: Most people want to know what they are accountable for. Goal setting downside- cannot set goals for everything o Goals should be SMART Job enlargement- giving them more work to do Job rotation- moving people from one job to another Job enrichment- adding some emotional value or commitment (ie bag maker) o Used to overcome specialization of labor MBO- management by objective Manger’s letter o Written by subordinate of boss o Done productively The trick is to allow people to fail, once you tell a person “NO” that person
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Unformatted text preview: will never contribute again. • 3 problems with MBO: o If you do not know the employee it is hard to work with that person on a job. You will not know that person’s potential. o Two people with different potentials; how do you deal with them in comparison with one another in evaluation? o Not everything can be measured (ex: OCB’s) o OCB’s are usually not measured, just something that you are expected to do (ie professor doing research) o If the boss hates the employee- MBO process depends heavily on trust...
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