03 Introduction

03 Introduction - whose medium is the mind and whose...

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CS103A HO#3 Introduction 1/9/08 1 CS103A Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science Instructor: Bob Plummer [email protected] TAs: Johnny Wang [email protected] Kathryn Hymes [email protected] Tiyu Wang [email protected] Class Website: cs103a.stanford.edu Questions for today What is Discrete Mathematics? Why study it? Discrete: separate, distinct; the opposite of continuous Discrete Mathematics: A collection of mathematical topics that examine and use finite or countably infinite mathematical objects. Discrete Mathematics Formal logic and proof techniques Number theory—properties of integers Combinatorics—problems of counting Analysis of algorithms Discrete structures—sets, relations, trees, graphs Computability and decidability CS103A CS103B More proof techniques Why? Discrete Mathematics Need for CS Need for other fields Need for Life Beauty of Mathematics "The mathematician is an artist
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Unformatted text preview: whose medium is the mind and whose creations are ideas."-- H.S. Wall Email Hotline: [email protected] Pre/Co-requisite: CS106A Working Office Hours Problem Sets: Due in class (schedule in Syllabus) Not accepted more than one class late 10% penalty if late 3 free "late days" CS103A HO#3 Introduction 1/9/08 2 Textbook: Language Proof and Logic Barwise & Etchemendy Software Tools/Used Books If you would like a text for the second half of the course, a good supplement to the notes is: Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 6 th Ed. Kenneth H. Rosen Several books are on reserve at the Math/CS Library Exams Midterm: Tues., Feb. 12, 7 – 9 pm Final: Thurs., Mar. 20, 8:30 – 11:30 am Grading 45% Problem sets 20% Midterm 35% Final Honor Code You must have a passing average on problem sets and on exams to pass the course....
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03 Introduction - whose medium is the mind and whose...

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