05 Intro to FOL

05 Intro to FOL - CS103A HO 5 Intro to FOL SCPD Students...

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CS103A HO# 5 Intro to FOL 1/11/08 1 When submitting homework electronically, the Instructor's Email Address should be: [email protected] SCPD Students -- Submit your assignments electronically using the Submit program -- Fax or email written portions to SCPD; they will forward them to us -- Be sure you have an exam monitor if you are not coming to campus for exams Non-SCPD Students Overseas -- Send an email to [email protected] so we are sure we know who you are -- We will get back to you with instructions -- You will be sending written work directly to us Discrete Mathematics Formal logic and proof techniques Number theory—properties of integers Combinatorics—problems of counting Analysis of algorithms Discrete structures—sets, relations, trees, graphs Computability and decidability Introduction to First Order Logic Some alternate names: -- Predicate calculus -- Lower predicate calculus -- FOL We will use the term FOL, and we will begin by examining the language of first order logic. The Language of First Order Logic We will use FOL to talk about and reason about the world. The grammar or syntax of our language will always be the same. We will tailor the language so that we can describe the particular domain of interest. The Language of First Order Logic jim bob We will use names, called constants , to refer to objects in the world. An object is anything we can make claims about in the world of interest. Here are the rules: -- Every constant must name an actual object -- No constant can name more than one object -- An object can have more than one name, or no name
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05 Intro to FOL - CS103A HO 5 Intro to FOL SCPD Students...

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