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Dolbier HW Solutions 511 - 605 AMINES 22.4 The...

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AMINES 605 22.4 The electron-donating amino group and the electron-withdrawing nitro group are directly conjugated in p -nitroaniline. The planar geometry of p -nitroaniline suggests that the delocalized resonance form shown is a major contributor to the structure of the compound. 22.5 The p K b of an amine is related to the equilibrium constant K b by p K b log K b The p K b of quinine is therefore p K b log (1 10 6 ) 6 the values of K b and p K b for an amine and K a and p K a of its conjugate acid are given by K a K b 1 10 14 and p K a p K b 14 The values of K a and p K a for the conjugate acid of quinine are therefore K a 1 10 8 and p K a 14 p K b 14 6 8 22.6 The Henderson Hasselbalch equation described in Section 19.4 can be applied to bases such as amines, as well as carboxylic acids. The ratio [CH 3 NH 3 ] [CH 3 NH 2 ] is given by The ionization constant of methylammonium ion is given in the text as 2
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