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22.25 ( a ) Basicity decreases in proceeding across a row in the periodic table. The increased nuclear charge as one progresses from carbon to nitrogen to oxygen to f uorine causes the electrons to be bound more strongly to the atom and thus less readily shared. ( b ) The strongest base in this group is amide ion, H 2 N , and the weakest base is water, H 2 O. Ammonia is a weaker base than hydroxide ion; the equilibrium lies to the left. The correct order is ( c ) These anions can be ranked according to their basicity by considering the respective acidities of their conjugate acids. Base Conjugate acid K a of conjugate acid H 2 N 2 H 3 N1 0 2 36 HO 2 H 2 O1 0 2 16 7.2 3 10 2 10 2.5 3 10 1 The order of basicities is the opposite of the order of acidities of their conjugate acids.
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