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The replacement reactions that can be achieved by using diazonium salts are illustrated in parts ( h ) through ( n ). In all cases molecular nitrogen is lost from the ring carbon to which it was attached and is replaced by another substituent. ( o ) The nitrogens of an aryl diazonium salt are retained on reaction with the electron-rich ring of a phenol. Azo coupling occurs. ( p ) Azo coupling occurs when aryl diazonium salts react with N , N -dialkylarylamines. 22.33 ( a ) Amides are reduced to amines by lithium aluminum hydride. N -Ethylaniline C 6 H 5 NHCH 2 CH 3 1. LiAlH 4 , diethyl ether 2. H 2 O Acetanilide C 6 H 5 NHCCH 3 O Benzenediazonium hydrogen sulfate
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