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( b ) Only one benzyne intermediate is possible, leading to two products in a 1:1 ratio. D refers to 2 H (deuterium). 23.14 ( a ) o -Chloronitrobenzene is more reactive than chlorobenzene, because the cyclohexadienyl anion intermediate is stabilized by the nitro group. Comparing the rate constants for the two aryl halides in this reaction reveals that o -chloro- nitrobenzene is more than 20 billion times more reactive at 50 ° C. ( b ) The cyclohexadienyl anion intermediate is more stable, and is formed faster, when the electron-withdrawing nitro group is ortho to chlorine. o -Chloronitrobenzene reacts faster than m -chloronitrobenzene. The measured difference is a factor of approximately 40,000 at 50 °
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