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Mannose differs from glucose in con f guration at C-2. All hydroxyl groups are equatorial in b - D -glucopyranose; the hydroxyl at C-2 is axial in b - D -mannopyranose. ( c ) The conformational depiction of b - L -mannopyranose begins in the same way as that of b - D -mannopyranose. L -Mannose is the mirror image of D -mannose. To rewrite the eclipsed conformation of L -mannose in a way that permits hemiacetal forma- tion between the carbonyl group and the C-5 hydroxyl, C-5 is rotated 120 ° in the clockwise sense. Translating the Haworth formula into a proper conformational depiction requires that a choice be made between the two chair conformations shown. ( d ) The Fischer projection formula for L -ribose is the mirror image of that for D -ribose. CHO CH 2 OH H H HO H OH OH d -Ribose CHO CH 2 OH HO HO HO H H H l -Ribose Eclipsed conformation of l -ribose is oriented properly for ring closure.
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