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Dolbier HW Solutions 612 - 706 CARBOHYDRATES Of the two...

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Of the two chair conformations of - L -ribose, the one with the greater number of equatorial substituents is more stable. 25.7 The equation describing the equilibrium is Let A percent isomer; 100 A percent isomer. Then A ( 29.3 ° ) (100 A )( 17.0 ° ) 100( 14.2 ° ) 46.3 A 3120 Percent isomer 67% Percent isomer (100 A ) 33% 25.8 Review carbohydrate terminology by referring to text Table 25.1. A ketotetrose is a four-carbon ke- tose. Writing a Fischer projection for a four-carbon ketose reveals that only one stereogenic center is present, and thus there are only two ketotetroses. They are enantiomers of each other and are known as D - and L -erythrulose. 25.9 ( b ) Because L -fucose is 6-deoxy- L -galactose, fi rst write the Fischer projection formula of D -galactose, and then transform it to its mirror image,
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