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Only the con f guration of the hemiacetal function is affected in this process. The a con f guration of the glycosidic linkage remains unchanged. 25.13 Write the chemical equation so that you can clearly relate the product to the starting material. Ribitol is a meso form; it is achiral and thus not optically active. A plane of symmetry passing through C-3 bisects the molecule. 25.14 ( b ) Arabinose is a reducing sugar; it will give a positive test with Benedict s reagent, because its open-chain form has a free aldehyde group capable of being oxidized by copper(II) ion. ( c ) Benedict s reagent reacts with a - hydroxy ketones by way of an isomerization process involv- ing an enediol intermediate. 1,3-Dihydroxyacetone gives a positive test with Benedict s reagent. ( d ) D -Fructose is an a -hydroxy ketone and will give a positive test with Benedict
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