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Dolbier HW Solutions 618 - 712 CARBOHYDRATES(g HO Aldonic...

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( g ) Aldonic acids tend to exist as lactones. A -lactone has a six-membered ring. ( h ) A -lactone has a fi ve-membered ring. ( i ) Aldaric acids have carboxylic acid groups at both ends of the chain. 25.19 ( a ) Reduction of aldoses with sodium borohydride yields polyhydroxylic alcohols called alditols. Optically inactive alditols are those that have a plane of symmetry, that is, those that are meso forms. The D -aldohexoses that yield optically inactive alditols are D -allose and D -galactose. H H H OH OH CHO H OH OH CH 2 OH CHO H HO HO H H OH H OH CH 2 OH CH 2 OH CH 2 OH H HO HO H H OH H OH NaBH 4 NaBH 4 d -Allose Allitol (meso compound) Galactitol
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