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25.21 Begin the problem by converting the Fischer projection of D -ribose to a perspective view. Remem- ber that the horizontal lines of a Fischer projection represent bonds coming toward you, and the ver- tical lines are going away from you. Rank the groups attached to each stereogenic center. Identify each stereogenic center as either R or S according to the methods described in Chapter 7. Remember that the proper orientation of the low- est ranked group (usually H) is away from you. Molecular models will be helpful here. Each of the stereogenic centers in D -ribose has the R con f guration. The IUPAC name of D -ribose is (2 R ,3 R ,4 R )- 2,3,4,5-tetrahydroxypentanal. 25.22 ( a ) The L sugars have the hydroxyl group to the left at the highest numbered stereogenic center in
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