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SELF-TEST PART A A-1. Draw the structures indicated for each of the following: ( a ) The enantiomer of D -erythrose ( b ) A diastereomer of D -erythrose ( c ) The a -furanose form of D -erythrose (use a Haworth formula) ( d ) The anomer of the structure in part ( c ) ( e ) Assign the con f guration of each stereogenic center of D -erythrose as either R or S . A-2. The structure of D -mannose is Using Fischer projections, draw the product of the reaction of D -mannose with ( a ) NaBH 4 in H 2 O ( b ) Benedict s reagent ( c ) Excess periodic acid
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Unformatted text preview: A-3. Referring to the structure of D-arabinose shown, draw the following: ( a ) The a-pyranose form of D-arabinose ( b ) The b-furanose form of D-arabinose ( c ) The b-pyranose form of L-arabinose A-4. Using text Figure 25.2, identify the following carbohydrate: HO H H H OH HO H CH 2 OH OH O H CHO CH 2 OH HO H H H OH OH d-Arabinose CHO CH 2 OH HO H H H HO H OH OH d-Mannose CHO CH 2 OH H H OH OH CARBOHYDRATES 727...
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