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A-4. Propose a series of synthetic steps to carry out the preparation of oleic acid [( Z )-9-octa- decenoic acid] from compound A. You may use any necessary organic or inorganic reagents. A-5. Write a mechanism for the biosynthetic pathway by which limonene is formed from geranyl pyrophosphate. PART B B-1. A major component of a lipid bilayer is ( a ) A triacylglycerol such as tristearin ( b ) Phosphatidylcholine, also known as lecithin ( c ) A sterol such as cholesterol ( d ) A prostaglandin such as PGE 1 B-2. Compare the following two triacylglycerols: ( a ) The melting point of A will be higher. ( b ) The melting point of B will be higher.
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