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27.22 ( b ) Cytidine is present in RNA and so is a nucleoside of D -ribose. The base is cytosine. ( c ) Guanosine is present in RNA and so is a guanine nucleoside of D -ribose. 27.23 Table 27.4 in the text lists the messenger RNA codons for the various amino acids. The codons for valine and for glutamic acid are: Valine: GUU GUA GUC GUG Glutamic acid: GAA GAG As can be seen, the codons for glutamic acid (GAA and GAG) are very similar to two of the codons (GUA and GUG) for valine. Replacement of adenine in the glutamic acid codons by uracil causes valine to be incorporated into hemoglobin instead of glutamic acid and is responsible for the sickle
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