CHAPTER 17 - CHAPTER 17 Psychology & Work: I/O...

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CHAPTER 17 Industrial-organizational psychologist : psychologists who study organizations and seek ways to improve the functioning and human benefits or business o Ex) they seek ways to help businesses and government organizations produce more and better goods and services, to increase job satisfaction by changing by changing methods of management and training, and to find “the right person for the right job” by improving methods of employee selection. o Alfred Binet gave us the first practical way of measuring intelligence at the start of the 20 th century o Interviews: structured conversations in which the employee or job applicant is questioned about his or her training, experience, and future goals; unstructured interviews are generally not good predictors of future job performance o Intelligence tests : used to select applicants to medical school, law school, and graduate school; play a key role in determining who enters such professions. a person with an intelligence score of 115 would have many choices for a job, whereas someone with and intelligence score below 80 would not be competitive for any job Assessment centers o Assessment Centers : Programs for the evaluation of employees that use simulated management tasks as their primary method of evaluation Simulated management task - a contrived task requiring managerial skills that is given to candidates for management positions to evaluate their potential as managers A frequently used simulation is the in-basket exercise - a type of management simulation task in which the individual attempts to solve a problem that is typical of the ones that appear in a manager’s “in-basket” o Job performance ratings (“performance appraisals”) : test that measure actual manual performance Based on the assumption that the only valid way to find out if an applicant can work with their hands is to evaluate them while they are actually working [Perdue Pegboard] pins, collars, and washers are fitted together in ways specified by the tester to evaluate the applicant’s manual speed and accuracy Applicants for word processing jobs are asked to type in timed tests Job performance ratings - ratings of the actual performance of employees in their jobs by supervisors
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CHAPTER 17 - CHAPTER 17 Psychology & Work: I/O...

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