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WHAT IS PR? Public : any group of people tied together by some common factor or interest; defined by PR specialists and the public Relationship : o A connection between entities o Exchanges, transactions and other interconnected activities o Shared communication, understanding, agreement (co-orientation) o Personal/interpersonal interactions o Friendship PR : KEY POINTS 1. management function 2. know what the public thinks about something 3. determine reactions 4. plan actions to respond and influence 5. public understanding 6. mutual benefit 7. public interest o Publicity: Information dissemination through mass, social or personal media without payment to further the interests of a person or organization. The goal is to get attention. Earned media (not paid for) o Promotion: Intentional activities designed to simulate interest in a person, product, service, cause or organization. o Propaganda Systematic messages designed to spread a doctrine or influence public opinion. Became popular after WWII Originally (1622) writings to propagate the faith. o Advertising: Paid promotional messages about products, services or ideas presented by identifiable individuals or organizations. o Marketing: Business management function directing flow of goods and services from producers to consumers/users. Traditional elements: product, price, placement, promotion. o Media Relations: Working with the mass media in seeking publicity or responding to their interests in the organization
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o Public Affairs: Developing effective involvement in public policy and helping an organization adapt to public expectations Stakeholder : someone who has some connection to a group and feels somehow associated with it or connected to it. The public relations person’s role is the intermediary Crisis Public relations: o Distinct discipline, some people specialist o goal is to turn bad situation into an opportunity to turn into a relationship apologize what to do to correct it move on to do better things Public service announcements o ad council – came after the war stropped o pay attention to topics that may not have a lot of funding o as technology adapts so does PR FOUR MODELS OF PUBLIC RELATION: o Press agentry/ publicity One way communication , primarily through mass media o Public information One way distribution o information not necessarly wit a persuasion intent o Two way Asymmetric Scientific persuasions is the purpose and communication is two way, with imbalanced effects. Feedback loop o Two way symmetric( bernays) Gaining a mutual understanding is the purposes of this model Reaserch is used to see how the public preserves the organization RELATIONSHIP BUILDING Examples of PR functions: o Ancient Greece; spoke on behalf of people who lost property and gave manuals on how to answer tough questions o Gospels- spreading religion o Common Sense o Federalist Paper (1789- 1791); not part of the Revolutionary War
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PR- EXAM ONE STUDY GUIDE - WHAT IS PR Public any group of...

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