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Term project COT5520 Computational Geometry: Fall 2002 The term project will consist of two parts: Part I : you will be required to choose one of the chapters (or parts of a chapter) from the text book by de Berg, van Kreveld, Overmars and Schwartzkopf, as listed below, study it thoroughly and make a classroom presentation of the important ideas and algorithms in the chapter. You should try to augment the material with list of recent references cited at the end of the chapter or from other sources that you might find from your own research. Deliverables : A tutorial report on the chapter and a power point lecture presentation. One hour will be allocated for the presentation. You may not be able to present all the material in your report but try to give a summary of ideas of topics that you may not deal in detail during presentation. Part II: Pick one important algorithm from the chapter and find a real-life application where this algorithm is useful and applicable. Implement this algorithm, test it with data obtained from
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