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Types_of_Epithelial_Tissue - lumen of ducts Stratified...

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Name Description Specializations Function Location Simple Squamous One layer of flat shaped cells- simplest and most delicate Diffusion and Filtration Alveoli, blood vessels (endothelium), glomeruli Simple Cuboidal One layer of cube shaped cells Microvilli Secretion and absorption Kidney tubules, small glands, ovarian surface, lines the lumen of ducts (pancreas) NC Simple Columnar Non ciliated Microvilli, goblet Secretion and absorption GI tract C Simple Columnar Ciliated Goblet Secretion and propulsion Small bronchi, uterine tubes Stratified Squamous Many layers Keratinized or non keratinized Protection Skin Stratified Cuboidal Just 2 layers Protection Ducts of large glands, mammary and salivary,
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Unformatted text preview: lumen of ducts Stratified Columnar Basal layer of Cuboidal, becomes columnar at top Goblet, ciliated Protection Stomach esophageal junction (usually in a valve leading from one organ to another) has to lubrication and ciliation Transitional Resembles Squamous and Cuboidal mostly, basal cells mostly Cuboidal Distension according to fluid volume Ureters, bladder, urethra Pseudostratified Columnar 1 layer of cells, some not reaching apical surface Goblet, ciliated and non ciliated Secretion and propulsion Non ciliated will be in the ducts of large glands (male urethra), ciliated lines the trachea and the upper airways...
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Types_of_Epithelial_Tissue - lumen of ducts Stratified...

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