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AxialSkeleton - of the eye 3 coronal suture –...

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Blue : axial skeleton Categories of bone based on shape Bone Markings •Foramen = opening formed by juncture of 2 bones •Fossa = shallow depression articulation sight; muscle sight •Sulcus = groove soft tissue strucutre (nerve) runs through • Meatus = tubelike passageway or canalearshaped like bell of hom •Condyle = large, round protuberance articular structure; one bone will articulate with another •Facet = smooth flat articular surface
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articulation site; • Trochanter = very large projection • Tuberosity = large, rounded, roughened projection *Calavarria : name of the bones of the skull cap (as a whole); forms the top of the skull 1. parietal bone : left & right superior portions; joined in the middle by a suture bone called the sagital suture 2. frontal bone : forehead; forms part of the orbit of the eye- superior portions
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Unformatted text preview: of the eye 3. coronal suture – coronal (crown); joins frontal & two parietals 4. occipitial bone : posterior interior; joins with 2 parietals by lambdoid suture 5. Foramen magnum : sight where spinal chord and brain stem meet; critical opening in base of skull 6. occipitial condyle : articulate(rest on) on C1 vertebrae; 7. (purple area) temporal bone : forms inferior side of calavarria; external auditory meatus – opening in the ear; mastoid process : site of muscle attachment; styloid process : site of muscle attachment; 8. zygomatic arch : temporal bones; two processes form – zygomatic process of temporal bone & temporal process of zygomatic bone...
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