Osseous - Osseous t issue functions : Protect Structure :...

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Osseous tissue functions : Protect Structure : “you are what you look like” in terms of bones Lever system : all muscles act upon the bone; muscles & bones make up the lever system Mineral and fat storage : lack can lead to osteoporosis Hematopoiesis : blood cell formation; certain type of bone tissue is involve in blood cell formation; Characteristics Made up of a combination of Inorganic : calcium salts Organic : osteoid; ex. glycoproteins, flagenous fibers Highly resistant to tensile and compressive forces More you stress bones, the more dense/stronger they become Osteoprogenitor : osteogenic; all mitotic; constantly create new cells; becomes osteoblast but can dedifferentiate Osteoblast : responsible for secreting osteoids; can dedifferentiate (go back) in extreme circumstances (POWs) to become osteogenics ; becomes osteocyte Osteocyte : maintains status of bone; when osteocyte dies remodeling- old bone replaced with new bone over time; can also dedifferentiate Osteoclast : blood cell; removes bone (opposite of osteoblasts); softens and weakens bone
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Osseous - Osseous t issue functions : Protect Structure :...

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