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A Rose for Ecclesiates Summary

A Rose for Ecclesiates Summary - A Rose for Ecclesiastes...

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A Rose for Ecclesiastes Summary The main character, Gallinger, is a translator on a trip to Mars along with a crew of several other Earthmen. He is sent to the planet in order to learn the language, and to translate their most important documents and texts. During his stay, he encounters a woman, Braxa, who knows all 2,224 dances of Locar (their prophet). She performs dance number 117 for Gallinger, who immediately falls in love with her. He then writes the following poem: In a land of wind and red, where the icy evenings of Time freezes the milk in the breasts of Life, as two moons overhead – cat and dog in alleyways of dream – scratch and scramble agelessly my flight….This final flower turns a burning red . He reads this poem to Braxa’s mother, M’Cwyie, who is the woman helping him learn the language. She wants to know what this flower (rose) is. As Gallinger is doing his research, he discovers that over 200 years ago after the rains came (the plague that did not kill), the Martians stopped producing children. The
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