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James 1 - satisfactory This gives rise to Pragmatism which...

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Brian Lubnow Fri. 11:15-12:15 James Lecture 1 James’ first lecture in his book Pragmatism is about the differences between the two most popular philosophical beliefs at the time; rationalism and empiricism. He points out both the strengths and weaknesses in these ideas, but mostly focuses on the negatives of both. He breaks down each section of philosophy, and determines that neither of the ideas are entirely
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Unformatted text preview: satisfactory. This gives rise to Pragmatism, which is essentially the best of the two previous ideas. His main points are that rationalism creates a closed system which makes it too far removed from the real world, and Empiricism opposes rationalism too strongly because it eliminates religion. His solution was Pragmatism, which was discussed in later lectures....
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