meditation 2 - wax as his prime example. He determines that...

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Brian Lubnow 8/31/10 Descartes- Meditation Two: Concerning the Nature of the Human Mind: That It Is Better Known Than the Body Rene Descartes’ second Meditation deals with the simple question, what are we? He tries to sort through all his beliefs and doubts to discover the root of all of our thoughts. He is trying to find the one, indisputable thing that is inside of him from which all other things begin. This thing, he decides, is the mind. The mind is the one part of him that he realizes must exist. He uses a piece of
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Unformatted text preview: wax as his prime example. He determines that essentially, because the characteristics of this piece of wax can change, and yet we still know what it is, that we know that we aren’t imagining the wax. Descartes’ final conclusion in his second Meditation is that humans are “thinking things”, and that he can know that he at least exists....
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