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meditation 3 - God However religions around the world...

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Brian Lubnow Meditation III Argument On page 80, Descartes attempts to prove that some sort of God truly exists. His reasoning is that the idea of God was innate in him, meaning he was born with the idea that he must exist. However, God and religion are not innate ideas. They are ideas that are introduced as a child grows up by going to church, or being told by others around you that there is some higher being. This is why there are so many different religions. If the idea of God were instilled in you from birth, then all people in this world would believe in a similar
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Unformatted text preview: God. However, religions around the world differ so much that it is impossible that they came from the same idea that Descartes claims Christians are born with. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are similar enough so that this argument could be made. But what about Hinduism or Buddhism, or even those who don’t believe in God? The perception of “God” around the world is so different that there is no way that the idea of him could be innate....
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