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Lubnow 1 Brian Lubnow Professor LoMascolo English 1106 3:30 Tues.-Thurs. 17 March 2011 Wallace Alive Today As the savior of Scotland, William Wallace’s place in history and legend is firmly cemented. However, his legacy did not end with his death in 1305 (McNamee). Ever since his rage fueled rebellion against England in the late 13 th century, his story has been changing the rest of the world. Since his revolution, other revolutionaries have been following the lead of Wallace, both as a leader, as a fighter, and as a person. Even in modern culture, and in literature, the stereotype that Wallace portrays appears again and again throughout time. Even his specific character traits can be found in many heroic people. Certain qualities of the most famous and successful heroes, either historical or fictional, are based on or similar to the story of William Wallace. George Washington, leader of the American Revolution in the 1700’s shares many characteristics with Wallace. Not only did they share a common opponent in England, they were very similar both physically and mentally. The most prominent similarity was
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Lubnow 2 their intense desire for freedom. Both were able to gather their forces and rally around one cause, to fight for their freedom from the tyrannical King of England. Both leaders were on the verge of defeat in their respective wars, but this longing for independence and justice is what ultimately won them their wars. The two men shared important similar physical traits as well.
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Braveheart paper - Lubnow Brian Lubnow Professor LoMascolo...

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